Steps to awakening series, step 3 of 12

Step 3- A strong connection to stars and space. As the day turned to night on the eleventh of August, just like every other year, the presides meteor shower was at its most visible far overhead. This is a phenomenon that billions of people never even notice, let alone stand in awe of. Conversely, asContinue reading “Steps to awakening series, step 3 of 12”

Steps to awakening series, step 1 of 12

the first step of spiritual awakening is that Leaves and Flowers become Brighter and Deeper. Focus is Sharper

12 Steps to a spiritual awakening!

I hope this series teaches you something about yourself. It helped me re-learn what I already knew but had escaped me for some time. After ” Waking up ” my existence was set in a whole new world. I felt like Aladdin peaking at what life inside the kingdom had to offer. The difference wasContinue reading “12 Steps to a spiritual awakening!”

How do i find my purpose?

What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose and how do I find it? Why are we here? What’s the meaning of it all? If you have asked yourself any or all of the questions above then you are well on your way to figuring it out. My goal is that this articleContinue reading “How do i find my purpose?”