Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“T”

T is for Transcend “Transcend the limits of what you think is possible, and you may just find greatness. -Justin Young-  Transcend time, Transcend space, Transcend your life. We are all running a program, multiple programs, actually. The question Is, do you know who installed the program you are running? If it was a programContinue reading “Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“T””

Steps to awakening series, step 9 of 12

Step 9 -You can turn down the outer noise which allows you to silence the inner critic This means that in the most excellent possible way, we care not for what anyone else does and conversely, we also care not what anyone thinks about what we do. There is no time for such things. WhenContinue reading “Steps to awakening series, step 9 of 12”

Steps to awakening series , step 5 of 12

Step 5- You forgive people and situations that give you a negative charge, including yourself. Forgiveness is a key to moving forward healthily. Without it, you may find it very difficult to move on. In order to advance into a new dimension of being, you must return to your past and forgive the people youContinue reading “Steps to awakening series , step 5 of 12”

Steps to awakening series, step 1 of 12

the first step of spiritual awakening is that Leaves and Flowers become Brighter and Deeper. Focus is Sharper