Steps to awakening series, step 9 of 12

Step 9 -You can turn down the outer noise which allows you to silence the inner critic

This quite simply means that in the nicest possible way that we care not for what anyone else does and conversely, we also care not what anyone thinks about what we do. There is no time for such things. When we are creating our future and living as fully as possible in the present moment then we are too busy being or becoming to pay attention to what ‘they’ think or focus on what ‘they’ are doing.

If we are always helping each other become greater than we once were and thus continuously evolving to previously unseen levels of consciousness and understanding then there is no space for the negative, misleading and, untrue vibrations that try to force their way through the egoic mind anyway possible.

It means that with a moment’s notice we can very quickly regulate our body and mind via our spirit and soul. We can switch off everything and empty our heads of all thought actions. It means that we are being fully present inside and outside our bodies. It means you shut out the noise and get really quiet and it means quite beautifully that there is only room to receive the answers to the questions we have been asking.

Once we learn how to quiet our minds from the constant chatter of the inner critic that consumes the masses and is a huge part of the negative thought spiral that seems to be a most human condition, then our world looks and feels very different.

What was a fairy tale or dream becomes a reality and the new story is born. A greater story than was ever possible to even imagined before.

Published by Hdavey Thoreau

"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

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