Steps to awakening series , step 5 of 12

Step 5- You forgive people and situations that give you a negative charge, including yourself.

Forgiveness is a key to moving forward healthily. Without it, you may find it very difficult to move on.

In order to advance into a new dimension of being, you must return to your past and forgive the people you ‘think’ have wronged you.

You do not have to physically tell the other person, and if you are forgiving them and you do not have to ask the other person if you are seeking forgiveness. You can simply say out loud, or in your mind, “I forgive you,” or “I forgive myself.”

It is just as vital that we forgive ourselves for any past transgressions that we ‘think’ we are accountable for. A powerful part of healing, and it can be very cathartic to do so.

Suppose you had a severe charge against yourself from a specific time or event. In that case, it is essential to go back to the exact age or moment when this happened and release the younger version of yourself from any blame or fault.

We can tell our younger selves that we are okay now and that everything turned out fine. However, everything that has happened to us had to happen for us to grow, and our souls needed that experience in this lifetime to move into the next level of consciousness.

We can tell the child in us that they are loved and okay now. We realize that everything is precisely how it is supposed to be and that any pain or trauma is necessary for our soul’s evolution.

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"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

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