Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“K”

K is for Kind

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle” -Plato-

There is a piece of word art in my home that says, “”In a world where you can be anything, be kind.””

Do you go out of your way to be kind? Do you say or do nice things for others (and yourself) for reasons other than to make them (you) feel good?

Are you a kind person?

If things are not going the way you want in life, and you find yourself often sad or angry, then you have nothing to lose by projecting kindness.

In a media and global landscape that seems to be trying to force almost the entire world to live in fear of disease, natural disasters, and scarcity, being kind will always win.

On a planet where we so visibly see global inequality for simple things like water, education and human rights, it is easy to be selfish and thinks there is not enough. However, the one thing you can always do is kind, no matter how much or how little you have.

It is also a quick and easy way to shift your inner world.

We will receive in return if we choose to be kind to others. It’s’ one of the laws of the universe (projection = perception). So whatever you send out will come back to you.

If your project is kindness, then it will return as kindness.

You will look at fellow brothers and sisters and share an energy that transcends the spiritual into human comprehension. All just because you were being kind.

‘Do unto others. It helps others when you are kind, but it also helps you. So start today and pay it forward. Say or do something kind to someone else or yourself, and you will begin to transform your life.

Published by Hdavey Thoreau

"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

8 thoughts on “Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“K”

  1. Oh Hdavey,,I love this one very much and it is close to my heart. I do try to be kind, consciously, kind, supportive, but I am human and sometimes I fail. My name, Karima, in Arabic, means “Generous” (one of the 99 names of God) and kindness is a very special, and I would say, subtle form of generosity… To give of yourself to someone, is one of the most beautiful acts of generosity and it is very much an act of kindness. πŸ™

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