31 thoughts on “Alphabet soup for the soul – “K”

  1. You are responsible for the way the world is. It is your doing. There is only a karmic bank account if you are an ego, which you are not. This is the illusion.
    Play a little hereβ€”whether you believe in the creation of the many religions or the Big Bang, that singularity, the word, the primordial om, the vibration, is all you. You are the bang still happening. To be banking karmic credits would assume you are separate from the whole, which is scientifically and religiously impossible.

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  2. Explained the effects of karma ina very simple manner. Hopefully whoever reads this post will understand and act accordingly. Positive action always gives positive results. But may not be immediately. Little later . But definitely for good karma people will be blessed with good results.

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  3. All of us are product of our own Karma. Good one leads to addition in our Karmic credit and bad one leads to Karmic debit. One thing about Karma is that nobody, even the ONE who has created us can remain immune from the Karma. Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, the incarnations of Lord Vishnu had to bear the brunt of their Karma in two Yugas

    The best course of action is not to be reactive to anything which befalls in our lives due to others misdeeds done to us. Since it is their Karma that they had done Karma to us but we react likewise or just do not be reactive is based on our wisdom.

    Be that as it may, giving pain to others, brings back the pain to us. If we do not realize at that time it is different matter but it will surely be given back to us. What we are today is in fact due to our Karmic deeds we had done in our previous births or any time in the past. That is why it is said, in this world of ours, IT IS SUM TOTAL GAME. – THE TOTAL ALWAYS REMAINS THE SAME. If we have harmed others five times, the same total harm will be done to us. No less. Initially, we may not realise but realization will come one day.

    Your write-up is really inspirational one.

    With regards

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      1. Your write-up is really impressive one and conveys everything which needs conveying for living a meaningful and purpose living.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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