Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“Z”

Z is for Zen “I have lived with several Zen masters – all of them cats” -Eckhart Tolle– Zen Buddhism holds many truths and philosophies about living and having the best human experience on this planet. However, one philosophy resonates with my soul over any other about awakening. It teaches us that awakening or enlighteningContinue reading “Alphabet soup for the soul vol.2 -“Z””

12 Steps to a spiritual awakening

I hope this series teaches you something about yourself. It helped me re-learn what I already knew, but had escaped me for some time. After ” Waking up ” my existence was set in a whole new world. I felt like Aladdin peaking at what life inside the kingdom had to offer. The difference wasContinue reading “12 Steps to a spiritual awakening”