Birds From Walden Double-crested Cormorant

The double-crested cormorant is a unique bird. It is so rare that I had never seen one before a couple of days ago. The bird landed on the pond, and although it swam around like a Duck, I knew it wasn’t.  I saw a long beak that reminded me of a Blue heron, only smaller.Continue reading “Birds From Walden Double-crested Cormorant”

Birds from Walden Blue jay

Bluejays can be seen in the Northeast of the U.S. and Canada for winter, even though they are also in places like Florida. They are bright blue beautiful birds and are strikingly different from each other. There are skinny ones, fat ones, tall ones, short ones, and young and old ones. They are a tight-knitContinue reading “Birds from Walden Blue jay”

Birds from Walden American Eagle

Twenty years after the world witnessed the tragic events of September 11th, we honour the lives lost with this article about the American Eagle. The American Eagle is one of Earth’s most unique and powerful animals. Its hunting skills and ferocity make this predator number one among birds. Gliding far above any and all foodContinue reading “Birds from Walden American Eagle”

Birds from Walden Ducks

Ducks are another phenomenal species of bird. They are great parents and stay with their young all day and night. They will travel up and down rivers, streams and lakes with their entire ‘school’ of children. They can often be seen in the early morning hours travelling single file, on land or water, in linesContinue reading “Birds from Walden Ducks”

Birds from Walden Blue heron

Blue heron This beautiful bird can be found at the edge of the pond, often sneaking through the long grass in search of frogs.  The heron stands tall and straight in its posture helped by its long legs. Slow to move unless it has to.  Colours of a purple-ish grey-blue separate the truly majestic-looking creatureContinue reading “Birds from Walden Blue heron”

Birds From Walden – Robin

The red-breasted American Robin represents the official start of spring and of new beginnings.  The Robin is a powerful symbol of parenting and hard work in the bird kingdom. Its values are as firm as its boundaries. Visibly willing to sacrifice itself for its young by distracting anything bigger that comes near its babies, itContinue reading “Birds From Walden – Robin”

Birds from Walden Red-winged Blackbird

“The birds I heard today, which, fortunately, did not come within the scope of my science, sang as freshly as if it had been the first morning of creation.” -Henry David Thoreau- When I moved to Walden pond, there were many unknowns to discover, both inside and out. One of these unknown discoveries is theContinue reading “Birds from Walden Red-winged Blackbird”