Alpahabet soup for the soul vol.2 “M”

M is for Mindset

“Happiness has to do with your mindset, not outside circumstance.”

– Steve Maraboli-

Mindset is everything. Mindset determines if you will accomplish the things you set out to do. Mindset determines if you will get back up when you fall, and mindset will let you fail forward.

Mindset keeps you going when things get complicated, which happens to everyone and will undoubtedly happen to you at some point in 2022, 100%.

Mindset will help you cross the finish line when you feel like the tank is empty. It allows us to dig deep when there seems to be nothing left, and it helps us find that extra reserve we didn’t ‘think’ we had.

Mindset is beliefs and values mixed with determination and motivation

Mindset proves the saying that “To have the things others don’t, we have to do the things that others won’t.”

Carrol Dweck talks elegantly about the Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset. The research on fixed vs growth mindset tells us that every person has the opportunity to decide which of the two categories they want to be in.

Even if you’ve had a fixed mindset, you can change to a growth mindset right now. That’s a decision nobody (except for you) can stop you from making.

Once the decision to grow is made, you start by writing down what you want. Here is where you make a plan for your future. The next step is to follow and measure your progress along the way.

Inevitably you will hit some targets and miss others. When you miss, just make the necessary adjustment to the timelines and skills needed so that you will hit the mark and eventually, you will achieve what it is that you desire.

By following these steps, you are creating change in your life. Suddenly the path becomes a bit clearer, and you start seeing the rewards of your work. All this stems from adopting a growth mindset.

Another truth Carol Dweck’s research shows us is that a fixed mindset means you are a victim of your circumstances and believe that you can’t change; however, a growth mindset knows that change is not just possible but is necessary for those who want a different outcome.

Most importantly, this hypothesis teaches us that the growth mindset believes the power to grow and change is within anyone who decides to walk that path. The growth mindset does not see failure as the end but as one more way not to do something.

So don’t ask what kind of mindset you have, but what perspective do you want to have?

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