Birds from Walden – Oriole –


Oriole’s are a type of blackbird. Waiting until spring is in full bloom to make their entrance they are exquisite in their sharp orange color which similarly to the red cardinal, stands out beautifully, highlighting any green backdrop of trees, bushes and shrubs.

The Oriole is a unique bird with beautiful popping colors so bright that there is a radiant glow in the landscape when they inject their presence.

Found nesting in the canopy of a tree, these birds prefer the higher elevation for protecting their young.   Sometimes they build their nest low, only a couple of feet off the ground in shrubs, long grass or bulrushes.

Orioles are a beautiful mix of orange and black. The most common in the northeast is the Baltimore oriole, however, there are other types including –the orchard oriole and the spot breasted oriole.

Oriole’s can bend their tale inward and hang of the side of the feeder. This is a brilliant display of the way birds can manipulate their bodies to experience dimensions that humans could only dream of .

An interesting observation made after spending significant time watching the hummingbird feeder is that Oriole’s seem to be the only other bird around Walden pond that fly in for the sweet nectary taste of sugar water.

Sitting above the plastic flower pedals of the red feeder, Oriole’s can be seen careening their neck down and around into the fake yellow pollen pedals to take a good long drink.

Where one is found there are usually more around. In the early morning they can be heard with one of their signature song patterns; a high,low,high, whistle that is unmistakable.

Some birds run into glass windows or doors thinking that it is an opening, the oriole seems to do this more than most birds except for the red-winged black bird.

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18 thoughts on “Birds from Walden – Oriole –

  1. Oh I love your oriole! We have a Hooded Oriole that visits our backyard, and YES he loves our hummingbird feeder! As does the woodpecker and finches. We had no idea so many other birds (besides the hummingbird) like the hummingbird feeder! What a beautiful photo ❣❣❣

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  2. Beautiful birds… i have a number of birds that hit my windows…. doves cardinal… and finches… Some attack themselves being reflected in the glass. I had a bluebird that did that this year.

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      1. The tinted windows most new houses turn into mirrors, especially on cloudy days. They see the woods reflected and think they are flying into it. What a jar when they hit. I have had a full dove imprint on my glass after a hard hit. (the dove survived)

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