Alphabet soup for the soul – “X”

X is for -” X marks the spot.

“If ‘X’ marks the spot of the destination of our life journey, then ‘Y’ should be the reason we’re choosing to go.”

– Cedric Crawford-

The phrase ‘X marks the spot’ has a couple of different attributions. One version is that old pirates would bury their treasure and the way they would remember where it was, was by placing an X on a map close to a landmark that they sought out as the burial site.

Another version is that the British army used it. For example, when performing executions, A soldier would mark a piece of paper with an x and position it on the heart of someone sentenced to death.

Somewhere along the line, we became less brutal in approaching this phrase.

For the purposes of this article, you are X, and X marks the spot where you are standing at any time or point in the world. You are at the centre of your world at all times.

This means that you are the center point of your reality. Everything you encounter daily is a message for you and you alone.

The guy you pass on the street at a particular time daily has a message for you.

The lyrics to a song stir feelings inside you. Pay attention to that message.

The bird that lands beside you in the park or the cat that crosses your path. The email you get or the book you read. All of these are messages for you in your world.

Other people are receiving different messages. There is magic in song, scenery and surroundings.

Sometimes we don’t even know the message until a future time and date. Have you ever experienced this? Something happens, and you instantly recall a song or a book you read in the past. The reason you realize right away is that it was meant for you.

This sometimes happens without our knowledge. For example, maybe you wanted to run first thing in the morning, but when you woke up, your foot was sore. So instead, you decide to run later in the day and on that run, you happen across something you would not have otherwise seen. That is also a part of the magic.

Do you believe in something you can’t see but know there? Just like a WIFI signal that we know is there because our phone is working, yet we can’t see it, God is the magic and is always there. But, unlike the WIFI signal, she doesn’t ever cut out on us.

You are the X, and the map is your imagination. So, start with right now, where you are and with whatever you have.

Published by Hdavey Thoreau

"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

19 thoughts on “Alphabet soup for the soul – “X”

  1. πŸ’œ The “Journey” is The “Destination” EveryOne; it’s The Crux of The Cosmic Joke, Experimenting and Experiencing


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  2. πŸ’œ Neglect Goddess at YOUR!!! Peril Boys; for We Macho Men ALL Have a Mother that is Able To Reduce Us To Quivering Wrecks


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  3. I loved this post do much, it resonated with me deeply I’d like to link back to this with an excerpt from a future edition of 10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet πŸ€“πŸ˜»πŸ‘
    The x marks the spot thing is a mystical and timeless idea too, I remember reading a Buddhist quote somewhere about how ‘anywhere is the center of the world’ will try and dig it up

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  4. “Do you believe in something you cant see but you know is there? Just like a WIFI signal that we know is there because our phone is working yet we cant see it, God is the magic and is there at all times. Unlike the WIFI signal she doesn’t ever cut out on us.”

    I love what you did here; the comparison. Great!

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