Alphabet soup for the soul – “T”

T is for Transformation

Self-transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.

– Sadhguru-

An tiny egg turns into larva which then turns into a caterpillar, before finally, transforming into a beautiful butterfly, so too a human being can transform from ugly to beautiful.

The butterfly is a perfect metaphor for the ego. We can transform our ego from the ugly caterpillar that is leeching onto its existence, scared by what it see’s and continuously squirming to and fro in an effort to get ahead, yet barley making any progress.

We can transform that slow repetitive, predictable and agonizing route into a multi-dimensional and multi-directional, stunningly majestic butterfly.

Once the metamorphosis is completed in the fourth stage, aΒ butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis and upon its own strength it emerges to explore new opportunities.

Opportunities that were previously unseen to the lowly caterpillar become visible. This beautifully transformed creature not only has a new life but it is also able to explore new dimensions of time and space once thought unfathomable.

From a fresh vantage point the butterfly can travel far across the planet migrating the globe to witness the Universe beyond the scope of a caterpillar whose entire life is bound to a couple of trees in a park. Become beautiful, become a butterfly.

Published by Hdavey Thoreau

"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

18 thoughts on “Alphabet soup for the soul – “T”

  1. I really enjoyed your post..the metaphor of the butterfly is also very applicable to death…I took care of a dear friend who was dying of cancer. About a week before he passed away, he started flapping his arms while almost unconscious. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, he was changing into a butterfly…that he “had” to change soon…he stopped and said, I can’t today, but maybe tomorrow….well he waited another week,,,and then yes….I am sure that is what he did when he left his body. On his tombstone, we wrote..his name and put a Morpho butterfly painted on the plaque. The words said only..”He escaped through our fingers” and the date of his passing..

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