Alphabet soup for the soul – “O”

O is for Observe

“Observe your thoughts, don’t believe them.”

-Eckhart Tolle-

Do you ever observe yourself having a conversation in your mind and asking yourself questions?

If your mind can observe itself by asking questions, then who or what part of you is doing the observing?

Michael Singer talks about this idea beautifully in his book the untethered soul. A must-book or audiobook for anyone who has experienced spiritual awakening (or wants to).

The saying “you are not your thoughts” rings true if we observe our thoughts.

Can you bring your full attention and awareness to your right shoulder? Can you slide that awareness across your shoulders and down the other arm to your elbow? The answer is Yes to both those questions. So, then your thinking mind is not who you are.

The real you is the awareness. The real you is a soul, a spirit, the body, and the mind are just the vessel which carries the energy. Simply a result of this earthly human experience we are having.

We were a soul before birth and will be a spirit long after leaving the body, having a human experience for less than a nanosecond in the continuous clock of creation.

The fact that you’re observing your mind means you’re not your mind. You are not attached to it.

The idea is to detach from your mind and the identity created for you and by you. With that freeing of the mind, you also get freedom from your body which is your unconscious mind running programs.

Once you notice the programs are just playing on repeat, you can ask questions.

Questions like, Why does the adult me feel the need to continue to repeat the program I followed when I was younger? Can I invent new programs to replace the old ones? Am I just repeating a neural pathway that is on without my knowing and understanding what is happening? Can I disconnect that pathway that is on auto-repeat? Can I disconnect the neurons laid down over the years or decades?

Such questions begin to open the door to your awareness and will lead you down a new path. A path that will be very different from the cyclical experience you may have had for your entire life until now. A way of growth and creation.

A result is a new person who has broken free from the chains of the past. A person who can see that the soul has a more significant say in personal evolution than previously known. A person who sees that the human body and mind are capable of much more than ever thought possible.

Published by Hdavey Thoreau

"How vain is it to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live"

12 thoughts on “Alphabet soup for the soul – “O”

  1. This is very spiritual, I have enjoyed learning about Observe and I will be observing my mind more often and I like how you have recognised that we are a soul before birth and a spirit death. You have made me very interested and I couldn’t help but read to the very end. Thank you

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